What are Rehabilitation Services?

Programme Description

The Rehabilitation Services Programme (RSP) is one of the Botswana Red Cross programs through which the society fulfils its mandate by reaching out to the most vulnerable in the community.
The BRCS provides its Rehabilitation Services through its three (3) Disability Centres namely:
  1. Tlamelong Rehabilitation Centre (Tlokweng)
  2. Tshimologo Stimulation Centre (Francistown)
  3. Sefhare Stimulation Centre (Sefhare)
The three Rehabilitation (Disability) Centres provide the following services:
  1. Vocational Training for People with Disabilities (PWDs)
  2. Early Stimulation for Children with Learning Disabilities (LDS)
  3. Community Based Rehabilitation for People with Disabilities
  4. Physiotherapy Services
  5. Referral conduits to appropriate Social, Education and Health Service providers.


  • To empower people with disabilities to meet their basic needs – insuring inclusion and participation in education, employment, health and social activities
  • To provide an opportunity to the disabled person to develop their skills and abilities according to their own potency.
  • To promote independence and improve quality of life for people with disabilities
  • To prevent secondary complications and disability
  • To alleviate the disability burden on the disabled person, their family and their community
  • To use existing local organizations and infrastructure to delivery services, especially primary health care.

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