Disaster Management (Disaster Relief / Restoring Family Links)

A Botswana Red Cross Society program that addresses needs of victims to manmade and natural disasters by building the capacity of affected communities to cope. Disaster Management aims to promote reduction of vulnerabilities and capacity-building through four different objectives;

  • Strengthening disaster preparedness planning
  •   Building effective disaster response mechanisms
  • Raising community awareness and public education
  • Disaster mitigation and reduction

To effectively prepare communities for disaster response, BRCS recruits and trains volunteer action teams to analyze potential hazards in their communities and improve the capacity to respond. Thereafter, raise awareness on eminent disasters and building community mitigation and reduction strategies. In addition, the action teams are trained in first aid, relief work, water and sanitation as well as hygiene promotion.

Importance of Tracing

  • To restore and maintain contact between family members
  • To ascertain the whereabouts of detainees
  •  To find out what has happened to missing persons
  • To reunite families

The BRCS tracing Service endeavors to restore family links. Ultimately Tracing is done procedurally through the following steps;

  • Red Cross Message (RCM)
  • Tracing Request (TR)
  • Family Reunions (FR)
  • Certificate Request (CR)

Family Reunions

In instances of successful location of sought persons and establishment of family links, BRCS tracing services provides information and guidance to facilitate actual family reunion. The process is dependent on the status of person requesting for family reunifications and regulations as stipulated by authorities in the country of residence.


Botswana Red Cross Society in partnership with International Committee of the Red Cross to enable separated family members re-establish contacts disrupted as a result of natural disasters, conflicts, political upheavals or social problems.

The primary concern of the Society's tracing service is to assist individuals to know about the fate of their loved ones with objectively focusing on alleviating psychological suffering of close family members resulting from separation and loss of family contacts.

Furthermore, the primary concern of BRCS Tracing services is to assist individuals to know about the fate of their loved ones. BRCS undertakes a search to locate family members through tracing request. It carries out active tracing enquiry through physical search through addresses, personal contacts and organizations in the effort to locate sought persons.

Red Cross Message (RCM)

This is an open letter restricted in content of family related news only. This information is exchanged between separated family members unable to use normal means of communication due to disruption as a result of conflicts, natural disasters, political upheaval or their after effects.

Tracing Request (TR)

The BRCS undertakes a search to locate family members through tracing request (TR) filled with assistance of tracing personnel. It carries out active tracing enquiry through physical search at last known address and contacting persons or organization in the effort to locate the sought person. The process entails comprehensive follow ups of events that have led to separation of family members as results of conflicts, natural disaster or political upheaval.

Certificate Request (CR)

The tracing services facilitate the process of obtaining and transmitting refugees or immigrants documents such as certificates etc. The Red Cross through International Tracing Network approaches various institutions such as former learning institutions or social welfare departments for documents. Results for such cases are largely dependant on formalities of countries regarding the release of the documents.

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