First Aid (Basic / Advanced / Silver Medal)

When an Emergency Strikes, Will You Be Ready to Save a Life? Botswana Red Cross Society First Aid training gives you vital knowledge and skills needed to respond to a life-threatening situation with confidence. While you can't predict when an emergency will occur, you can be prepared. In less time than you think, being prepared for emergencies is crucial at home, school, and work and in your community.

• Be Trained

• Be Empowered

• Be Prepared

• Be Smart Train Your Employees NOW!!

Disaster Management

Disaster Management (Disaster Relief / Restoring Family Links)

A Botswana Red Cross Society program that addresses needs of victims to manmade and natural disasters by building the capacity of affected communities to cope. Disaster Management aims to promote reduction of vulnerabilities and capacity-building through four different objectives;

Community Based Rehabilitation-Tlamelong / Tshimologo / Sefhare

Community Based Rehabilitation

Botswana Red Cross Society has three Rehabilitation Centres in Botswana namely Tlamelong Rehabilitation Centre in Gaborone, Sefhare Stimulation Centre and Tshimologo Stimulation Centre. The Rehabilitation Centre offers two services; therapy for students at the Centre and Community Based Rehabilitation for people living with disabilities. Therapies offered are; Occupational and physical Therapy while the stimulation Centres offer stimulation services for children with special needs and those that live with disability.

Branch Development-Youth Development / Volunteer Recruitment

Branch Development

This is a Botswana Red Cross Society programme that recruits volunteers without consideration of race, sex, class, religion or political beliefs. It pursues a widespread of popular membership – community mobilization. Branch development's focus is on recruitment, revival and capacity building of branch volunteers both in the cooperate world and at community level.

Health & Care (Peer Education / OVC / Hygiene Promotion

Health & Care

This is a program that oversees and coordinates all the health services provided by the Botswana Red Cross Society. The Health and Care Department components are Malaria, Community Based Health and First AID, Tuberculosis, Measles and Polio, Health Emergencies, Voluntary non-remuneration Blood Donor services, Aviation and Pandemic Influenza / Humanitarian Pandemic Preparedness (H2P) and HIV& AIDS.

Youth Development (Peer Education / Mentoring / Kids Clubs

Youth Development

The youth development programme comprises of in-school and out-of-school youth membership. To become a youth volunteer one must be below the age 29. In-schools RC youth clubs are supervised by Matrons while the out-of-school youths have youth committees in their respective branches. Young people engage in activities that are based on the Four-Part-Youth-Plan and within the limits of the constitution.

It is based on a four-part model:

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